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Case Management with HotOperations

HotOperations™ is a case management and work optimization suite.
It’s the leading technology for real-time work optimization.

Enable operations managers in business to allocate work to teams in real-time, directly impacting cost of tracking, invoicing, transactions and profitability of processes.

PNMsoft Digital Business Platform

The leading Microsoft-based intelligent BPM suite

  • Business organization software to optimize business processes, streamline work and achieve visibility and control with smart analytics.
  • Create and change applications quickly with HotChange®.
    Increase delivery speed with smart work allocation.
  • Model and build business processes in one studio. Achieve business and IT collaboration on a Dual View canvas.

Digital Transformation for Dynamics CRM

PNMsoft SCE is the leading BPM product for Dynamics CRM.
Become a BPM company and connect CRM with business critical processes.

  • Design CRM workflows on an intuitive visual canvas
  • Reduce pain points and transform Customer Experience
  • Connect more users with CRM processes across an organization

Our Customers

Case Studies showing what BPM can do for you.

“SeQuence is user friendly, flexible, and easy to configure… SeQuence ensures we give a better service to our clients.”

AON Hewitt

“With PNMsoft the cancellation process went from several weeks to under three days!”


“Cora SeQuence will help us save approximately €240,000 annually by responding to our customers faster.”

Portugal Telecom

“SeQuence is efficiently allocating the right work to the right people.”

South West Water

“Our customers are being served faster than ever before. With the help of SeQuence we are saving €100,000 per year.”


“There are so many tasks you can perform without creating any code at all.”

Harris CapRock

PNMsoft is the recommended iBPMS provider for Microsoft platforms such as Dynamics CRM and SharePoint, linking .NET with Java and UNIX for optimized process management.

We are recognized by Gartner for all BPM Platform Usage Scenarios

  • Case Management
  • Digitized Process
  • Business Transformation
  • Intelligent Business Operations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Model-driven Composition

What is BPM?

According to Gartner, "Business Process Management (BPM) is the discipline of managing processes (rather than tasks) as the means for improving business performance outcomes and operational agility. Processes span organizational boundaries, linking together people, information flows, systems and other assets to create and deliver value to customers and constituents.” It is generally agreed by analysts and researchers that BPM is the optimal framework for process management, and should be the aim of any organization that is concerned with quality and efficiency.

BPM Basics

Read our BPM Tutorial

BPM (Business Process Management) is a discipline which aims to improve the efficiency of an organization by modeling and standardizing it's core business processes. In this section, we describe and explain key BPM concepts and methodologies and outline how BPM software has evolved and continues to do so in response to BPM needs.

What is BPM Software

BPM software enables organizations to automate and improve their business processes. On the most basic level, it is a technological framework for modelling, implementing, executing, monitoring and optimizing workflows, in an iterative cycle. Each cycle is meant to improve upon itself, leading to concept of “continual improvement”.

How does BPM Software work?

All organizations have pre-existing processes (and planned, future processes). These are often managed in a non-standardized manner, or with some standardization, but inefficiently. They are often broken up over several systems, some of which are as primitive as email, Excel sheets or even paper-based.

Business Process Management SoftwareThe idea of using software for Business Process Management is to guide an organization toward achieving the best possible representation of these processes, which not only reflects how work is done today, but how it should be done in the optimal manner. BPM software suites (BPMS) provide a graphical flowchart interface with which to model and and then implement processes. This visual interface enables human participants to better visualize and modify processes, since they can actually see their path of flow. Through visualization, problematic areas of processes are often revealed, and it becomes easier to fix them and create a more optimal flow.

Workflow and Activities

A workflow can include several activities which are connected together in a logical flow. These activities can either be human-oriented, such as Forms, Tasks and Messages, or machine oriented activities which integrate with other systems in the organization (such as ERP, CRM, Database and others). One of the strengths of BPM software is the ability to aggregate both human and machine activities into one coherent system of logical, connected steps. This gives the effect of an end-to-end application that spans people and systems. In this sense, BPM is an overarching solution, which sits above core company systems. This unified interface replaces the previously inefficient system.

Intelligent BPMS and Digital Business

A BPM application is more than just a workflow, though it often includes one or many such workflows. A BPM application includes additional elements that make it a total solution for a business problem. These elements can include: an end-user portal, integration with other systems, device independence, monitoring analytics, reports and other application-specific features.

An intelligent BPM software suite (iBPMS) is one that incorporates all these elements in such a way as to enable an organization to transform itself into a Digital Business that can achieve Big Change. This is accomplished by providing end users with the tools to handle Business Moments more intelligently, and by giving management the tools to intelligently assess, plan and improve overall performance. Gartner lists several features which are particular to iBPMS.

BPM Benefits

BPM software can achieve several goals for an organization including:

  • Standardization of non-standardized processes
  • Improvement of process efficiency
  • Reduction in time to complete workflows, and increase in their quality
  • Reduction in human resources and unification of disparate IT systems
  • Better ability to cope with and handle changes to processes
  • Isolation of process “bottlenecks” and their resolution
  • Increase in the relevance of existing IT systems within an organization

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PNMsoft Named a Visionary in iBPMS Magic Quadrant by Gartner

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