Leveraging Bimodal: It Takes Two

Introduced by Gartner three years ago, bimodal is a two-lane approach to IT development and implementation. It allows visionary CIOs to not only digitalize vital processes, but also push innovation in new areas. This is achieved by companies taking two parallel tracks: Mode One: Focused on digitalizing core systems and processes. These are the legacy […]

Are you falling behind in your AI strategy?

From Spotify’s use of machine learning to recommend songs based on listening behavior to Bank of America’s chatbot “Erica” that can provide customers with their account information and financial advice – it seems like every day there’s news of a company deploying artificial intelligence (AI). With these headlines popping up all the time, it’s easy […]

Low-code: changing the game

All too often with business process management (BPM) solutions, company IT staff spend a large part of their time creating applications to meet basic business functions instead of working on new, more innovative ones that will further drive their company to success. This is due to the fact that usually IT personnel hold all coding […]