Can You Work Better, Faster, Stronger?

Robots have officially stepped out of the fictional worlds of the Jetsons and George Lucas’ films to permeate nearly all aspects of our lives. There are everyday chatbots that can take your pizza order and robot vacuum cleaners that glide across your living room floor, as well as extraordinary progressions like autonomous cars and even […]

The Emergence of Your Everyday Developer

In today’s rapidly changing world, businesses need to be agile, have the ability to react to shifts in the market quickly and make customers happy to be profitable. This is typically where the need for new technology comes in. However, even with the adoption of emerging technology, some companies still struggle because the solution they’ve […]

Takeaways From Forrester Research Digital Transformation – Part Two

In part one; my colleague Dan Glessner and I touched on the key takeaways from the first Forrester Research Digital Transformation 2017 event sessions.  In this blog post, we’ll be covering the highlights from the rest of the sessions we attended, featuring companies like NBA, Gap, KPMG and a leading Forrester Research analyst. Forrester Research’s Rob Koplowitz […]