BNI Europa banks on process innovation

From the advent of the ATM in the 1960s to the rise in mobile banking over the past decade – banks have always had their eyes on innovation. In Europe, one of the most innovative banking institutions today is Banco BNI Europa. Established in 2014 in Portugal, BNI Europa has become the leading digital bank with the highest growth rate in its market. Its mission is to provide customers new ways of banking through a modern, low-cost digital platform tailored to meet their needs.

BNI Europa challenges traditional banking models by working with cutting-edge FinTech businesses that offer the latest in risk analysis, rapid time to market and consumer services. This “Challenger” mentality has been a main driver in its significant growth rate. It has also helped the bank earn Portugal’s “Best New Digital Bank” and “Most Innovative Bank” awards in 2016.

Over time, BNI Europa realized its internal processes needed to match its commitment to innovation for its customers. Previously, the bank was using largely manual processes including on its backend. Looking to automate, BNI Europa embarked on its business process management (BPM) journey, starting with identifying a platform that would help:

  • Support its rapid growth
  • Optimize process execution and timeliness.
  • Reduce manual and error-prone work tasks.
  • Improve process control.
  • Increase traceability within process execution.
  • Integrate a complete vision of workflows in a central user interface.
  • Better identify and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Namely, BNI Europa wanted a BPM platform that would be flexible and easy to deploy, while at the same time offered robustness and reliability. After reviewing a number of solutions, the clear choice was PNMSOFT SeQuence™, an intelligent BPM platform powered by Genpact Cora.

Banco BNI Europa selected SeQuence to develop and manage five critical administrative processes. These included:

  • Timesheets
  • Vacation registration
  • Absence justification
  • Expenses refund
  • Executive board approvals

According to Ruben Simões, member of the information technology department of Banco BNI Europa,

“SeQuence enabled us to automate and improve our administrative processes within just a few weeks; adding auditing, monitoring and reporting capabilities. Due to the characteristics of the platform and the methodology used, our team was also able to integrate the developing process and build their own business processes internally very quickly”.

Notably, SeQuence uses PNMSOFT’s unique HotChange® technology to enable rapid build and change of workflow applications, while maintaining lifecycle governance. BNI Europa can even make changes to running applications with no downtime or disruption to the bank’s day to day operations.

Learn more about Banco BNI Europa, its BPM journey and all the benefits it’s experienced with PNMSOFT SeQuence in the full case study available online now!