BPM as a Central Platform for the Digital Business


In the recent Gartner article, ‘Building a Digital Business Technology Platform‘ (June 2016) by Hung LeHong, Chris Howard, Dennis Gaughan, Debra Logan, the Gartner team discusses 5 platforms that can enable CIOs to support a healthy digital business. There are five platforms analyzed:

  • Information systems platform
  • Customer experience platform
  • Data and analytics platform
  • IoT platform
  • Ecosystems platform

In explaining the selection of the term “platform”, the team explains, “The goal is to create an interoperable set of services that can be brought together to create applications, apps and workflows.”

What’s fascinating is how each of the five types of platforms touch aspects of a BPM platform (and specifically our BPM platform, SeQuence iBPMS). While BPM most naturally sits inside the first type, Information System platforms, there are areas of it which have branched in the other types as well.

For example:

  • SeQuence includes customer experience modules which enable it to interact with end users on external websites and portals. In many cases, it’s the customer who kicks off the workflow from such a touch point.
  • We’ve recently seen our processes integrate with IoT devices, such as for a European hospice who created a BPM-based solution to manage interaction with medical devices and patient care processes.
  • SeQuence has a strong data engine, using predictive analytics and machine intelligence to find the optimal path for processes, and to help operations managers allocate work intelligently, impacting business outcomes.
  • Finally, our powerful integration capabilities ensure that BPM applications span a wide swath of systems and people in a greater company ecosystem.

At the core, is the ability for Business and IT people to quickly collaborate on the creation of workflows on a visual canvas. At its center, this service-oriented architecture provides the agile platform on which applications are built. And customers such as Aon Hewitt and others make potent use of this platform to build thousands of workflows quickly, which are providing value for their organization.

Platform Spotlight – Dual View

One of SeQuence’s unique strengths is in combining the modeling and build of workflows within the same interface. This is made possible with our Dual View feature, introduced in late 2015. Within weeks of its release, our customers were excitedly introducing it into their day-to-day operations.

Dual View layers the visual canvas into tiers. The top tier is the model, where Business Users can quickly add shapes and connections to the canvas to create a high level model of the application.

Business View

Then, IT people can drill down into each shape and build out the actual functionality.

The result is that you have both model and application in the same interface. Communication between teams is optimal, mistakes and misunderstandings are fewer, and the total time to build is much quicker. In fact, in many cases, the application is already half built after several initial prototyping sessions.

It is this type of capability (among many) that makes SeQuence BPM suite an ideal platform for businesses to rapidly create applications which drive their digital business forward.

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By United Space Alliance/Larry Tanner [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons