No to Blind Change, Yes to Guided Transformation

Change is scary. But it’s coming. Well, that’s what they say. Do you feel the pressure to make changes? Even if it’s not clear where those changes will lead your organization, or if they are even changes for the better? Change for change’s sake in the IT and Business world is “admirable, but mistaken” (as Bane tells Batman in the Dark Knight Rises). Have you ever used a software upgrade only to discover that it was poorer than its previous version? The market is rife with examples.

jump44It’s time to enter Change with your lights on. Eyes open. It’s time to know what your goals are, and where you’re headed, before entering into a business transformation initiative. And you need help.

You need help both in finding a technology that enables you to make the changes you need, and you need a team of people who can guide your organization toward the changes that will help it improve. You need to craft a solution that works with and not against human nature, and which guides users toward better practices, toward those behaviors that will make your products and services better.

Blind Change is out. What can replace it? Guided Transformation.

Guided Transformation is what we do for our customers. We put in their hands a BPM (Business Process Management) software which is built with HotChange® technology, whose very essence enables rapid, easy change, at the pace of the changing market. But we don’t stop there. We bring you a team that guides you toward the types of changes that you need to make in order to cause a true business transformation, a transformation that improves your business, not just changes it from what it was.

Guided Transformation5Our BPM software, SeQuence, is crafted based upon human nature. It’s intuitive, both from an end user and designer point of view, such that it doesn’t collide with human nature (as some software does, and is then rejected by humans), but rather matches up nicely with how humans do things, and so is perfectly suited to mold and modify human behavior toward better work practices, toward how people actually want to work, if they could only be given the wherewithal to do so.

For example, a hospital might decide that it wishes to change the process of how incoming patients are handled. Instead of making such changes in an haphazard way, it would plan out the stages of change in order to reach the goal – which is handing patients according to medical best practices. Naturally, unforeseen events and new data could alter the way this change is implemented along the way, but having the goal and stages in clear view during the project, ensures that the project stays on track and achieves its objectives.

We’ve worked with both governments and businesses, large and small, to map out their changes. Together, we bring about true business transformation. Often, our customers cannot even compare how they worked before and after their BPM project with us, so great was the change. But in all our projects, we take care to map out, to guide, to take our clients step by step toward the right type of transformation, the changes which will improve their business, and not just change it for change’s sake.

Imagine Guided Transformation as a way that together we map out your path to change, and guide you along that path, step by step, until you reach your destination (see the diagram above). And of course, you can also decide to set out on new destinations once you get there.

Change should be easy. It is now. Sometimes too easy. You need a framework for reaching the right kind of changes, in a controlled way, with your headlights on. You need to know where you are going. Eyes open. An old Hebrew proverb runs, “A wise man’s eyes are in his head.” As a wise company, I invite you to embrace this concept, as you navigate the seas of change.

Eli pic9Eli Stutz is Head of Knowledge and Collaboration for PNMsoft, the authors and publishers of Cora SeQuence – a Gartner Magic-Quadrant (MQ) rated Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS). Eli Stutz conducts live monthly webinars on BPM and workflow topics, and authors case studies and white papers.

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