Integrating IoT with Case Management and Work Optimization

A system that integrates IoT with Case Management and Work Optimization can unite all the elements of Digital Transformation and become a powerful differentiator.

There is no limit to the possibilities of connecting IoT to business critical systems. Today, BPM platforms are providing more than just process management. Several iBPMS suites now enable powerful Case Management capabilities, which can integrate with IoT devices.

IoT & Case Management

There are a plethora of Case Management scenarios which can be augmented and transformed by integration with IoT devices.

Credit: Shuets Udono

For example, consider this insurance claim scenario:

1. A car accident occurs.

2. An IoT device embedded in the car reports the accident to the police.

3. The driver’s smartphone has an app which photographs the scene and retrieves the other driver’s insurance and license info.

4. The app notifies the driver’s insurance company, kicking off an investigation and claim process.

5. Police update the traffic system to block off traffic, alerting IoT traffic lights and digital road signs to route traffic away from the accident.

6. Self-driving cars include IoT devices which find alternate routes for other drivers.

7. A BPM-powered Case Management system enables the insurance agent to view and manage the claim optimally, retrieving input from all the above devices to form a clear picture of the case.

Credit: Michael Shick

This scenario may seem a little far-fetched, but it isn’t at all. Many of the items above are already a reality, and some (like self-driving cars) are soon becoming a reality. We’ll be seeing more and more IoT Case Management very soon, in every area of business.

The “magic” of managing such situations optimally is in the connection between IoT devices that are on-the-scene of the case, and an intelligent Case Management system that assembles all this data together for the case worker.

iBPMS suites such as Cora SeQuence are capable of this integration and smart Case Management.

IoT & Work Optimization

BPM and Case Management have been coupled together in several BPM suites, but there is one iBPMS which provides not only Case Management, but the ability to optimize allocation of case work in real time. SeQuence iBPMS is that technology, and its new add on – HotOperations™, is the product.

HotOperations™ enables enterprise-level Case Management along with an interface that lets Operations Managers intelligently assign work to teams and users with predictive analytics. This is especially relevant for Case Management scenarios that involve high cost, high sensitivity or high volumes of work. Intelligent work allocation leads to optimizing the business outcomes of teams, reducing costs, improving SLA compliance, and improving quality of service.

HotOperations™ shows managers the impact of their allocation decisions in real time, automates some of the allocation according to logical rules, and provides suggestions for recommended allocations.

Where does IoT come in?

Imagine the scenario we discussed above, of an insurance claim, but across an entire country, where such claims are occurring hundreds of times per day. The national insurance company has several teams of agents handling these claims, in various locations, and the allocation of work between teams and team members must be optimized – an enormous challenge.

HotOperations enables such optimization. In fact, IoT devices can stream data to HotOperations, from the scene of the accident itself, which can affect the allocation rules and recommendations.

For example, if the police camera detects physical injuries, HotOperations could assign the case to teams which have expertise in medical claims. Or if the car’s IoT device indicates reckless driving, then HotOperations could alert an operations manager, who could decide to assign the case to team whose expertise it is to assess human error or culpability in an accident.


HotOperations Real-time Work Optimization

This integration, between IoT, Case Management and Work Optimization represents the strongest type of Digital Transformation: a solution that involves smart, on-the-scene devices, with human experts, with intelligent systems that guide teams of people toward handing work optimally. While such systems are only now in their nascent stages, they will become the true differentiators of the business future.

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