Launching PNMsoft SCE at Microsoft Convergence

This week at Microsoft Convergence, we’re thrilled to be launching a new product for Dynamics CRM: PNMsoft Sequence CRM Edition (SCE). PNMsoft SCE is the leading tool for companies who wish to extend their Dynamics CRM with Intelligent BPM workflows and ground-breaking integration with SharePoint and ERP. We encourage you to meet with us at Convergence to discuss your Intelligent Workflow needs, and discover how PNMsoft SCE can make your CRM implementation more relevant and powerful for your organisation. Take a tour of PNMsoft SCE.

Convergence CRM BPM3

Convergence CRM BPM

Convergence CRM BPM 4

To meet us at Convergence, email:

We are demo-ing PNMsoft SCE at Booth #65

Convergence CRM BPM2

What Areas of Your CRM Will Improve?

  • Customer services: Empower teams to manage customer interactions in a consistent manner.
  • Sales: Design workflows that assist sales teams manage end-to-end processes and close more deals.
  • Customer Service: Ensure that the right agents act promptly customer requests.
  • Customer On-Boarding: Create workflows which initiate processes across your organisation, such as IT accounts, training, and billing.
  • Integration: Connect ERP, SharePoint and other systems with CRM. 

Benefits of PNMsoft SCE

  • The power to extend Dynamics CRM.
  • A more cost-efficient solution.
  • Improved customer service levels.
  • Improve regulatory compliance.
  • Ease of use for users and developers.