BenefitsCora SeQuenceTM enables organisations with a high frequency of change to rapidly modify and control their business process applications. With a host of Intelligent BPM features based on unique HotChange® technology, SeQuence gives organisations using Microsoft products the competitive edge to outmatch their competition with unique, agile processes.

Game-Changing Business Benefits:

The “Secret Sauce”

In a world where most businesses are using similar tools to manage operations (CRM, ERP, etc.), you need a system which enables you to create unique processes which will set you apart from your competitors. At PNMsoft, we call this the “secret sauce” – the formula for success that makes your organisation stand out.

SauceSeQuence gives you the edge to create your business’s secret sauce. You’ll be able to craft processes which help you constantly outmatch your competition – in agility, in innovation, in market savviness. While competitors struggle to make changes with hard-to-configure, standard data management tools, your business will move quicker, adapt more readily, and provide the offerings which keep your customers coming back to you every time.

BPM Expertise: the “Human Advantage”

Part of staying ahead of the pack, is finding a team of experts with a deep understanding of BPM who can guide you toward achieving process excellence. At PNMsoft, our experienced, dedicated team of BPM professionals will support you towards reaching your perfect BPM solution every step of the way. That also includes industry-leading product support, and knowledge base resources that are second to none.

Key IT Differentiators: “The Smartphone” of BPM Suites

When you purchase a new phone, do you buy a classic model, or a smartphone? The answer is obvious – the smartphone. Among BPM software products, SeQuence is the top Microsoft-based BPM product which is classified by analysts as an Intelligent BPM suite. That means that it includes next-generation BPM features which are only available in today’s leading BPM solutions, such as mobility, social features, intelligent analytics and more.

The following key IT differentiators make SeQuence the ‘smartphone’ of BPM products:

  • Mobile BPMThe ability to rapidly implement frequent process changes while maintaining control.
  • Wizard-based integration of advanced business process applications into Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure, thereby leveraging existing infrastructure.
  • Enterprise Process Mobility, achieved using ProcessTO GO, SeQuence’s mobile BPM solution (which works on all smartphone and tablet devices).
  • Increased collaboration between teams, with SeQuence’s industry-leading Social BPM features.
  • Rich visual dashboards for KPI, and intelligent analytics which help improve processes in real-time.
  • Powerful form design capabilities, for an enhanced end-user experience, using SeQuence Kinetic’s .NET-based, Ajax-enabled UX Studio.
  • Greatly reduced time-to-solution for BPM application development teams who will have access to SeQuence’s out-of-the box BPM tool set.
  • Cost-effective deployment on-premises or SaaS over a secure Azure Cloud platform, and integration with Microsoft Online products.

A Track Record of Continuing Success

PNMsoft boasts a golden track record of over 15 years of success providing BPM solutions industry-leading organisations worldwide. Companies who work with PNMsoft speak of our technological superiority, our incredibly fast time-to-solution (weeks as opposed to years with other vendors), and our BPM expertise and product support that outshines others. Using SeQuence, these businesses have saved millions and transformed their operations with intelligent, efficient business process applications.

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