Lembaga Zakat Selangor (LZS) was established 20 years ago and is a charity institution committed to manage and distribute funds to underprivileged groups of people in the Selangor region, Malaysia. With more than 400 full time staff (Amil) & over 2,000 agents known as Kariah Amil assistants (Penolong Amil Kariah), in 28 branches throughout Selangor, LZS ensures comprehensive & effective service delivery to 8 recipient groups through 5 development programs.

“With the help of SeQuence CRM Edition (SCE) we can now make sure that financial aid is distributed in a timely manner to the ones who need it most.”

Zamariah Binti Ismail, Head of Information Technology Division at LZS

“We built SeQuence forms for LZS employees and Amil assistants to manage all the cases related to aid packages the charity has to distribute. The business logic and workflow makes it easy for staff and Amil assistants to follow specific process steps that trigger instances in SeQuence and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This ensures that LZS performs case management tasks accurately and efficiently, to quickly process all the details needed for beneficiaries to qualify for an aid package that the organization will allocate to them”

Tennyson Lee, Managing Consultant at V-Work

“V-Work worked with LZS to extend their BPM solution to mobile phones so that their Amil assistants can manage cases on the go, when they assess individuals and families for aid whilst on remote location. This will speed up the distribution of aid, while at the same time retaining the strict levels of control and process procedures, such as checking backgrounds to make sure individuals are eligible for aid.”


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