With a strong focus on sustainable agricultural production, SAPEC Agro Business (SAPEC) remains a key player in the crop protection and nutrition markets. SAPEC’s team consists of more than 20 nationalities and sells to more than 70 countries, making it a business leader in the world of agriculture. In order to further its success, SAPEC sought a solution that would improve its processes while meeting the company’s needs.

SAPEC’s Pre-existing Challenges

Originally, SAPEC managed its new product development business using a process that required a jumble of emails, phone calls and spreadsheet exchanges between departments. Information was splintered on multiple, disparate spreadsheets instead of being hosted in one location, causing data to be hard to find or even lost.

The Solution

Implementing PNMSoft’s intelligent Business Management Suite (iBPMS), SeQuence, within just one week the SAPEC team was able to transform this process, reducing email and spreadsheet exchange. With the ability to see the status of each process through SharePoint, SAPEC was able to empower its users to complete tasks both inside and outside of their departments. By using SeQuence, SAPEC also automated five additional processes in just three days.

To find out more about how SAPEC improved its business using SeQuence, download our case study.

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