Solix had been effectively utilizing a set of proprietary systems and architectures it had developed internally to manage the large volume application process for multiple customers. This process included receiving various types of eligibility documentation provided by individuals to prove they met recipient guidelines for benefits. Eligibility data or intake would come in from numerous sources, including scanned documents, mobile devices, contact center agents, and paper based or electronic applications.

Solix’s systems cross-referenced all of the documentation with customer databases and requirements before reviewers manually validated the information which was a highly labor intensive process. As Solix set its sights on future growth, it sought a solution that would increase efficiencies, enable even faster deployment for new customers and require less internal resources to manage the platform in order to work on new projects.

“PNMSOFT’s agile architecture and project delivery approach were exactly what we needed to support our growth strategy and staff, address the fast-changing needs of our market and the changes to eligibility criteria for benefit programs.”

Bill Ingersoll, SVP & chief information officer (CIO) – Solix Inc.

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