Mobilise Your Company: Mobile Workflows, Forms & Dashboards

Your company could move faster and achieve more if it could operate and monitor mission-critical processes on-the-go. SeQuence Kinetics’s ProcessTO GO makes this possible. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to quickly build mobile:

  • Workflows
  • Forms
  • Dashboards
  • Social Collaboration
  • Reports
  • One-Click Approval Tasks

…using fast-track wizards that can generate mobile functionality in a few clicks without the need for complex coding. Give users the mobile tools they need to succeed on any smartphone or tablet device. Give managers the ability to monitor and intervene from any location. Give your company the gift of mobility!

Audience: SeQuence Kinetics Developers and End Users

Social BPM: The Path to Extreme Collaboration

Businesses today must focus on a nexus of forces to achieve success. Gartner calls this ‘Extreme Collaboration’ (XC), and identifies Social as one of its primary elements. Social BPM features enable workers to collaborate in the most natural manner on process development, execution and optimisation.

SeQuence Kinetics includes Social BPM features such as:

  • A Process Wall
  • Process Q&A, Comments
  • User Photos
  • SharePoint Social Features
  • Mobile Social Interaction
  • Process Design Collaboration

This webinar demonstrates how Social BPM features can help you improve process performance, expose information holes, reduce iterations and boost organisational collaboration and cooperation.

Audience: BPM Developers, End Users, Business Analysts and Administrators

December 2012 Webinar: IT as an Enabler for Business Change

Business performance and economic performance in the UK has been a rollercoaster journey over the past few years – one minute we’re in growth and the next minute we’re back in recession. Whether your business has thrived throughout this turmoil, or is fighting for survival, one sole fact remains core: your ability to react to change and adapt is crucial to the long term financial and non-financial success of your business.

SeQuence Kinetics, using HotChange® technology, enables IT professionals to take the lead on implementing and controlling rapid changes, which can help your business survive and succeed in today’s environment.

This webinar covers:

  • Exploring how to collaborate between IT and Non-IT personnel while changing business process applications
  • Examining how your IT organization can transform existing .Net (Microsoft) development skills into BPM expertise
  • Looking at how you can quickly transform business process applications into mobile applications without rewriting them
  • Identifying ways your organization can extend Microsoft platforms like SharePoint, Dynamics, CRM and Azure into an end-to-end Intelligent BPM Suite
  • Learning a structured and well-governed approach to business process application development that balance IT requirements for control with the business need for agility. In particular using HotChange® technology

Target Audience: IT and Business Professionals

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October 2012 Webinar: Dynamic Messages in SeQuence Kinetics

Communicating with everyone involved in your processes early and often is critical to success with Business Process Management. If you want to get the word out on your business processes and keep your stake holders in the loop, you need dynamic messaging capabilities. The SeQuence Kinetics iBPMS simplifies sharing ideas and collaboration across the organization. In the upcoming webinar we’ll cover the new Message options in SeQuence Kinetics and demonstrate how each can make your processes better using:

  • Advanced message routing via SeQuence expressions and roles
  • Improved message content design
  • Customization of the priority and delivery methods based on process data and metadata
  • Cool new attachments options

Target Audience: BPM Developers

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September 2012 Webinar: Introducing SeQuence Kinetics

PNMsoft has just launched its next generation Intelligent BPM suite, SeQuence Kinetics! Here’s your chance to get a first look into this revolutionary software and find out how it can empower you to change and control your business’s processes like never before. You’ll learn how SeQuence Kinetics can help you manage:

  • Advanced User Experience and Form Building
  • Dynamic Messaging
  • Mobile View Creation
  • Multiple Process Versions and Change Control
  • Social BPM Collaboration

…using unique HotChange® technology.

Target Audience: BPM Developers and Technology Professionals

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July 2012 Webinar: Automated Workflow Initiation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could translate incoming data and email traffic to structured workflows and revenue? In this webinar we’ll demonstrate how to add a customised email listener to SEQUENCE, and how to utilise the out of the box database, SharePoint and web service listeners.

Target Audience: BPM Developers

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June 2012 Webinar: Integrated Quality Assurance within SharePoint

The Quality Assurance industry is undergoing a dramatic rebirth. With collaborative technologies such as SharePoint and ERP systems, entire organisations can work together to bring products to perfection. But there is a missing link: a software which pulls SharePoint, ERP and business processes together into one integrated solution.

In this webinar, we present a live demo of SEQUENCE’s Integrated Quality Assurance solution. You’ll discover how to revolutionise pan-organisational QA collaboration through a unified, BPM approach combining active processes with document management procedures all within your organisation’s familiar Microsoft SharePoint portal.

Watch this webinar and witness the birth of a new breed of Quality Assurance!

Target Audience: QA Directors, QA Project Managers, Business Technology Professionals

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May 2012 Webinar: Voice, Video and Social Media in BPM Forms

Forms don’t have to be a confusing collection of text fields and drop-down lists. SEQUENCE BPM Suite enables you to add new media features to your forms to create an interactive user experience.

This 30 min. webinar shows you how to quickly create forms which explain themselves, and integrate voice, video, and social collaboration with team members, making the experience of filling out a form simpler, more informed and fun. Discover a whole new world of user-friendliness!

Target Audience:Business Technology Professionals

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March 2012 Webinar: The Future of Mobile BPM

Where is Mobile BPM headed next? This webinar, presented by Global Head of Products James Luxford, explores how BPM processes can be managed via mobile devices to the benefit of an organisation, its employees and its customers. We introduce you to groundbreaking features such as SEQUENCE’s Mobile BPM app, 1-Click Task Completion and Mobile MI. And we’ll tour SEQUENCE’s Mobile portal, which puts all the power of an enterprise BPM suite into the palm of your hand.


Target Audience:Business Technology Professionals

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February 2012 Webinar: Preventing and Eliminating BPM Bottlenecks, Errors and Bugs

Your process is perfect, deployment is successful, and your business stands to benefit. But when the first performance results arrive, they are not quite as good as expected and not everything works as planned. You need a BPM bottleneck, error, and bug exterminator fast! In this webinar we show you live examples of how to:

  • Isolate and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Plan for and avoid process bugs.
  • Handle unexpected errors deftly.

We also give you a sneak peek into SEQUENCE’s Error Handling Wizard.

Target Audience:SEQUENCE Administrators and Developers

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January 2012 Webinar: Move IT! Deploying SEQUENCE Workflows the Right Way

There’s a Russian saying about moving houses that “Two moves are the equivalent of one fire”.


Indeed, migrating workflows between your Development, Testing, and Production environments can be a tricky business. Database and JavaScript objects can be misconfigured, records can conflict, and activity definitions may not be compatible between environments.


In this webinar, you’ll learn best practises for deploying workflows which minimize human error, reduce deployment time and ensure a smooth transition. We include a checklist you need to ensure your workflow gets migrated perfectly on the first try, and cover the bullet points of how to run sanity tests on newly migrated workflows. We also shine the spotlight on SEQUENCE’s latest release (v6.4.5) which includes new and practical deployment functionality.


Target Audience:SEQUENCE Administrators

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December 2011 Webinar: Meet the Experts – 7 Ingredients of BPM Project Success

What key elements can make or break your BPM project? In this first-of-its kind webinar, PNMsoft’s seasoned implementation experts step up to the mike with their top tips and best practices for BPM success. We address issues such as:

  • What is the optimal scope for a BPM project?
  • How and when should I involve the end-users?
  • Why bother planning for reporting from the get go?
  • Who should be part of a winning BPM project team?

Watch this webinar and discover the recipe for BPM success!

Target Audience:Business and Technology Professionals

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November 2011 Webinar: Advanced Business Rule Management

Duplicated, outdated and ownerless Business Rules can pile up in your database like debris from defunct satellites, cluttering up space and just waiting to collide with new data. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Manage a central Business Rule (BR) Policy.
  • Create and refine Decision Based Workflows.
  • Create Matrix Based Workflows to allow single workflows to be executed in multiple axes.

Watch this webinar and find out how to keep your BPM solution orbiting cleanly!

Target Audience:SEQUENCE Developers and Solution Architects

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September 2011 Webinar: Implementing Case Management using SEQUENCE

Case Management is the new buzzword that’s taking the world of BPM by storm. But what is it exactly? How does Case Management relate to BPM? Can I implement Case Management using SEQUENCE? This webinar addresses these questions and demonstrates how you can use SEQUENCE to create the ultimate Case Management solution.

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August 2011 Webinar: Achieving Intelligent Workflows using SEQUENCE Analytics

Can a workflow make intelligent decisions? The answer is yes. Using integrated statistical data to alter process flow and optimise human response, SEQUENCE enables you to create workflows that are intelligent and improve over time.

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July 2011 Webinar: Leveraging Your User Experience

“When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing” ~Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Designing your forms and tasks to make them intuitive to use, informative in content, and simple to maintain is a tough challenge. This webinar includes plenty of tips and tricks to make your good user experience great, because “If the user can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.” (HFI button)

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June 2011 Webinar: Introducing SEQUENCE v6.4’s New Features

Newly released SEQUENCE version 6.4 includes a set of practical features which give you increased control over your process development and execution. In this webinar, we introduce each feature and understand how it will contribute to your BPM project. Special emphasis is devoted to SEQUENCE’s One Click Action, which enables you to complete your tasks at the click of a link from your mobile phone.

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May 2011 Webinar: Dynamic Change Management in your SEQUENCE Workflows

With ever changing requirements on your workflows, you need to be able to implement and track modifications with a minimum effort. These changes must be implemented on workflows in the production environment without disrupting existing workflow instances.

This webinar covers the best practices of how to manage changes in your workflows, the ins and outs and under the hood details of what happens when you make different kinds of modifications, and expert suggestions on how to efficiently test your changes.

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April 2011 Webinar #2: Managing Change in BPO

The Challenge: You need a new way to manage change for the BPO team.

The Solution: Microsoft and PNMsoft (Microsoft Partner of the year 2009 finalist) introduce the next generation of technologies to assist Systems Integrators and Project Management Offices.

This webinar was held on Tuesday, 26 April 2011.

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April 2011 Webinar #1: SEQUENCE Charts and Filtering Web Parts

One of the keys to increasing ROI from your SEQUENCE workflows is to get the right information to the right people. Using Dashboards, Charts, and relevant filters will ensure that the relevant user or manager gets the information they need.

This webinar was held on Wednesday, 6 April 2011.

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March 2011 Webinar: The Microsoft Approach to Business Process Management

Our experts show you how to integrate SEQUENCE with Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for your company’s BPM solutions.

This webinar was held on Tuesday, 29 March 2011. Approximate Duration: 30 minutes.

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February 2011 Webinar: Customer Correspondence Tracking System – How to Better Process Letters, Incoming Cheques, Forms etc.

This webinar was held on Tuesday 22 February 2011. Approximate Duration: 47 minutes.

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January 2011 Webinar: How to Leverage Your ERP Investment Using MS SharePoint and SEQUENCE BPM Software Suite

This webinar was held on Tuesday 25 January 2011. Approximate Duration: 40 minutes.

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