A Case Study of IoT and BPM

An in-depth case study on a Telemedicine solution which integrates IoT devices with an intelligent BPM suite, transforming patient care for a major hospice in Poland. With special guest Dominik Mazur of Amedar Consulting Group.

AutoNation Transforms Business Processes

This webinar shows how AutoNation automated customer-facing and non customer-facing processes for the Shared Service Center and more than 290 franchises, reduced human errors, cut process cycle time, and allowed the SSC and IT to scale up with growing business.

Having automated mission critical processes such as Program Management Office, Cancellation of CFS products, distribution of critical documents, and employee onboarding IT integration, AutoNation saves more than $500,000 a year in labor costs.

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BPM Success 700 Percent Cycle Time Reduction

This fast-paced and informative webinar explores how a Fortune-200 Oklahoma-based energy provider achieved business process improvement with staggering ROIs.

Highlights of the case study to be discussed include:

•Reduced average billing time by almost 2/3 (from 66 to 26 days)
•Reduced maximum billing time by 7 times (from 818 days to 125 days)
•Increased the average collection amount by almost 300% (from $334 to $1,144)

The case study includes a demonstration of PNMsoft, the iBPMS platform which powers their BPM transformation initiative.

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Portugal Telecom Transforms Customer Service

Portugal Telecom’s MEO mobile phone stores serve customers across Portugal.

In the past, PT’s staff lacked a good workflow system, which led to longer wait times, non-standardized work practices and too much back office involvement. PT decided to create a BPM solution which would transform its Customer Service, integrate with existing systems and reduce back office overhead.

In this BPMLeader.com webinar, we took an in depth look at this solution. Cora SeQuence helped Portugal Telecom to successfully implement this project fast and will save €240,000 per year!

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Improve Your Students’ Experience with BPM

In this webinar, Matthew Fox, Partner Manager UK Education Team @ Microsoft, elaborates on the importance of improving the Student Experience at UK Higher Education institutions with a cloud-first and mobile-first strategy.

Matthew is joined by Paul Hedgeland, Pre-Sales Consultant @ PNMsoft, who shares his experience of delivering BPM projects globally fast and with tangible results and significant ROIs.

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Low Code BPM Starts Here

Clay Richardson, Forrester Analyst, introduces the concept of Low Code BPM. Harris CapRock’s Mindy Feuer and Mark Rauch describe their intelligent BPM solution, which was made possible with Cora SeQuence BPM suite.

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Adding BPM to Your Microsoft Ecosystem

AtkinsMicrosoftBPM can extend Microsoft products with advanced process management capabilities. In this webinar, Ric Howe (Microsoft Partner Tec. Strategist), discusses how BPM can help organizations get the most out of their Microsoft Investment. Ross Offer from Atkins explains how Atkins has transformed its business by adopting BPM within its Microsoft products. On the Agenda:

• How to create intelligent BPM solutions for Microsoft products
• Case Study: Atkins
• A BPM demo from PNMsoft CTO James Luxford

This webinar provides an opportunity to learn how to transform your business by adding BPM to your Microsoft ecosystem.

Audience: Business Technology Professionals.

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Small Steps, Big Change with Jim Sinur

Jim SinurAre you ready to create a sustainable path to agility in the Era of Big Change?

In 2015 we’ll experience an unprecedented rate of Change in every area of business. This means amazing possibilities but also giant challenges. Creating agile IT solutions able to the face the challenge of Big Change is an opportunity for every business and IT professional.

In this webinar, Jim Sinur, leading industry analyst and authority on BPM discusses how a “Small Steps, Big Change,” methodology provides a radically different approach to creating an agile enterprise. Joining Jim in the discussion are PNMsoft CEO, Gal Horvitz and CTO, James Luxford.

On the Agenda:

• An industry viewpoint on BPM and Big Change
• A new methodology for achieving Small Steps, Big Change in your business
• Use Case: “Aon”
• A Demo of PNMsoft’s HotChange® technology

Join us for this fantastic opportunity to learn how to adapt your organization using a new methodology for IT and Business Change.

Audience: Business and IT Professionals

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Facing Big Change with a new Breed of BPM

Is your organization ready to adapt and thrive in the era of Big Change?

211284390005419280Every day we see new challenges that demand change. How can you ensure control & good governance in line with demand for change? In this webinar, we introduce BPM with HotChange®, a technology which empowers you to build flexible, smart business process applications that can be modified and deployed even while process remain in-flight.

In this webinar, find out how you can:

• Manage process changes efficiently
• Jump between active process versions
• Mobilize and Integrate your solution quickly
• Ensure that change doesn’t spiral out of control
• Use Evolutionary BPM methodology for greater agility

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Uniting SharePoint and Dynamics CRM for Business Critical Processes

Many business solutions require both the customer relationship management of Dynamics CRM together with the content management capabilities of SharePoint. PNMsoft SCE has the unique ability to connect both systems as part of organization-wide business workflows. In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how you can create business critical applications for SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. You’ll learn how to:

• Create CRM workflows that manage SharePoint documents.
• Surface CRM data and actions in your SharePoint portal.
• Trigger processes from SharePoint or Dynamics CRM events.
• Improve both customer service and content management.

Audience: SharePoint and Dynamics CRM Professionals and Partners.

Integrating Dynamics CRM with Workflows, People and Systems

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a powerful tool on its own right, but with PNMsoft SCE, it can become the central hub of your business. PNMsoft SCE is a unique Dynamics CRM-based software, that enables you to design and use advanced CRM workflows with in intuitive visual interface. In this webinar, we show a live video demo of how PNMsoft SCE enables you to:

• Create and manage complex CRM workflows.
• Integrate CRM with ERP, SharePoint and other systems.
• Extend CRM workflows to non-CRM users.
• Reach out to customers via Web Forms.

Audience: Dynamics CRM Professionals and Partners.

What’s New in SeQuence Kinetics?

SeQuence Kinetics iBPMS includes significant new features which enable easier, more powerful options for Developers, and a far-reaching set of tools for Business Users. This on-demand webinar guides you through the latest version of SeQuence Kinetics and give you the skills to use these tools in your deployments. Features covered include:

  • View First Forms and UI Generation
  • Data Source Wizard
  • Smart Grid Options
  • UX Studio Enhancements
  • End user interface capabilities

Audience: BPM Developers, Business Users.

Evolutionary BPM™: A New Process Methodology

What is the ideal methodology for developing BPM processes? Teams often get stuck in the murky waters of waterfall development, and some projects never see the light of day. In this webinar, find out how Evolutionary BPM – a fresh, practical approach to process development – leads teams to success one iterative step at a time. Bruce Hardy, of Solutions Hosting, a US business partner, tells his story of how Evolutionary BPM transformed the way his clients built their solutions:

Supercharge Dynamics CRM with Intelligent Workflows

Dynamics CRM Workflows are a great way to get business done surrounding CRM entities and activities. Often, a BPM tool is necessary to design a more complex workflow with multiple paths and logic. This workflow must know how to integrate and interact with CRM records, users and entities, in order to be effective. This webinar shows how PNMsoft’s SeQuence Kinetics iBPMS enables a business to design a customer on-boarding workflow, focusing on the points of contact with the CRM:

Intelligent BPM Architecture

The role of the architect has never been more important. Today, creating an architecture that integrates Business Processes with People, Systems and Devices has the potential to transform your organisation by achieving the ability to both Change and Control your operation and to quickly adapt to dynamic markets. In this webinar you will learn how to:

•Integrate of ERP and CRM data into SharePoint
•Achieve Process Change and Control
•Improve Collaboration of Business and IT units
•Unify systems and procedures

Target Audience: Enterprise/Business/Solution Architects.

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