Get your BPM Journey started on the right foot.

Business Process Management (BPM) is now a well‑established, multi‑billion dollar field. Many organizations above 1000 employees have some sort of process management system in place, if not a full BPM suite. But few companies and vendors realize the true potential of BPM! This potential can only be achieved by choosing the right processes to optimize, selecting an appropriate BPM vendor, and adopting an intelligent, agile BPM project methodology.

Our BPM Traveler’s Guide is intended to guide you, the BPM traveler, around the common pitfalls that threaten BPM initiatives, and toward the golden path — that sought‑after road that leads to BPM project success, and hence, the success of your company.
The eBook includes:

  • Methodologies for Identifying Business Processes
  • What to Look for in a BPM Solution — 8 Questions
  • Steps for Implementing a BPM Project in your Company
  • BPM Technology that Overcomes Human Aversion to Change

The BPM Traveler’s Guide will help you reach each milestone on this journey in one piece. The contents of this eBook are based on a series of highly popular articles that first appeared on our website, and were then featured by industry leading websites such as and, all of which generated a tidal wave of interest among BPM experts and novices alike with thousands of visits and shares. We are excited to present these knowledge resources in one unified guide. We are optimistic that it will help you get your BPM journey started on the right foot.

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