As an Architect, you require a business process management solution which can integrate with existing architecture and drive mission critical processes forward. But which type of BPM solution will best advance your company’s goals? Cora SeQuence is an Intelligent BPM Suite which extends ERP and CRM with powerful process management tools, providing superior control over rapid changes.Intelligent BPM Architecture

SeQuence Intelligent BPM Suite includes:

  • Extending Microsoft technology with BPM
  • SOA architecture for rapid integration
  • Process modelling in the design environment
  • SharePoint runtime for rapid organisational adoption
  • Out-of-the box integration tools for ERP / CRM
  • Mobile BPM for Enterprise Process Mobility
  • Multiple Versions Management, Change and Control
  • KPI for process optimisation and improvement
  • Process Lab, Advanced Troubleshooting Tools
  • Social BPM for organisational collaboration.
  • Cloud/SaaS or on-premise deployment options

…with unique HotChange® technology.

Read our white paper on Intelligent BPM Architecture, and find out how to help your organisation grow:

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