Businesses are realizing that their processes must be more agile. Classic BPM products no longer meet the needs of rapid change and organisational connectivity. The business world requires a more intelligent solution. Recognizing this need, Gartner has identified a class of Intelligent BPM suites.

12WorkflowComplete2PNMsoft’s Sequence is an Intelligent Business Process Management Suite (iBPMS) which goes beyond the classic feature set of BPM suites and incorporates:

  • Process Optimizing Analytics
  • Dynamic Process Change
  • Case Management
  • Communication with External Systems
  • Social Collaboration
  • Mobile Process Operation
  • iBPMS Cloud Services

…with unique HotChange® technology.

PNMsoft is on Gartner’s iBPMS MQ for 2014.
This white paper shows how to achieve intelligent business operations with an iBPMS.

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