IoT is Hot. Not surprisingly, when you picture wearable devices, sensors and smart machines that are connected to the internet – all eager to make lives easier, provide information, react and interact with the human world. But in the business world, something is missing. Where is a system that can integrate IoT devices with mission critical business processes?

That system is very likely BPM. Business Process Management suites have become the leading technology for fast, enterprise-changing systems which optimize and streamline workflows for organizations in nearly every industry.

What if these two awesome forces – IoT and BPM – could be combined?

In this pocket-sized BPM & IoT Matchbook, we explore the possibilities opened by matching IoT devices with BPM technology.

  • We’ll take a peek at the awesome potential of wearables to be connected to business processes, a hot field that’s just waiting to explode.
  • We’ll examine Business Moments – those precious opportunities in the life of a business which could be ignited with the help of IoT and BPM.
  • Finally, we’ll explore the awesome potential of IoT devices that are integrated with a BPM-powered Case Management & Work Optimization suite.

We look forward to enlightening you about this mushrooming new field. All the possibilities are there… all that’s needed is a little spark.

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