How can you optimize your HotProcesses?

Not all business process are the same...

HotProcesses underpin your business’s performance. They are human centric, repeatable and business critical processes. HotProcesses have complex matching requirements of ever-changing factors including:

  • Team capacity and utilization
  • Task priority
  • Milestones and SLAs

Many BPM suites can handle any “normal” process, but it takes something special to manage HotProcesses. SeQuence is built on HotChange® architecture. HotChange® combines the ability to make constant changes with your need for visibility and control over performance. HotChange® enables you to reduce the cost of transaction, increase efficiency and create innovative solutions for your customers. SeQuence can handle any kind of process – HotProcesses are where it excels.

This white paper explains the concept of HotProcesses, and demonstrates how Cora SeQuence is capable of optimizing your HotProcesses, enabling you to achieve better business outcomes and adapt to change.

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