Regulation. Customer Service. Safety. Can You Compete?

The Utility industry is a unique business model in that profits are largely guaranteed by regulatory provision. So, why all the concern over costs? Isn’t public safety really the key factor here? The fact is, competition is alive and well in the utility industry. So, excellent and low-cost customer service is the real issue for companies wanting to thrive in the 21st century.

SeQuence® Energy SI provides a workflow driven service installation process, based on Cora SeQuence BPM software, built upon flexible and affordable Microsoft technology.

Some advantages of using SeQuence:

  • Customer Service can see up-to-the minute scheduling details & make doable commitments.
  • Foreman have more control over where the crews are now and can better redirect if necessary to meet customer commitments.
  • GPS connects with Google and Microsoft Maps at order entry and delivery, meaning no bad addresses.
  • Process flexibility allows for the unusual and the unexpected.
  • Material usage information ensures no stock-outs.
  • Hourly time and equipment tracking helps ensure the capacity is there when needed.
  • Regulatory compliance and Safety are tracked throughout the process using online tools and reporting.
  • Control Costs with real-time access to time, tasks, equipment and material components.

Read our white paper on BPM software for the Utilities and Energy industry, to find out how to achieve these business and technological benefits.