SAP is the ERP of choice for many leading businesses. It’s a powerhouse of a tool, encompassing data and operations across a company, and enabling large organizations to achieve order when dealing with complex masses of information and interactions.SAP
But there are major gaps around process management. For example:

  • Creating user-friendly processes
  • Accessing relevant SAP data on one screen
  • Connect SAP processes with other business systems
  • Changing/optimizing processes

That’s where BPM comes in. BPM (Business Process Management) suites are used today by leading organizations to achieve better process management. BPM is recognized by leading analysts today as the optimal methodology for managing an organization’s workflows.
This white paper demonstrates how a BPM suite can be quickly integrated with SAP to provide optimized process management. You’ll discover how to:

  • Create SAP-related processes quickly
  • Change processes easily
  • Implement processes which connect systems, users and devices

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