PNMsoft Presents Sequence Kinetics™

Sequence Kinetics™ – an iBPMS with HotChange® Technology

PNMsoft announced its next generation Intelligent BPM Suite with revolutionary HotChange® technology.

Sequence BPM SoftwareGal Horvitz, PNMsoft CEO said, “In today’s world where change is the only constant, Sequence Kinetics™ answers BOTH the business need for human collaboration and process agility, and the IT need for a rapid yet well-controlled process development environment.”

Sequence Kinetics™ enables rapid building and change of high availability workflow applications and intensive human collaboration, while maintaining lifecycle governance. It extends Microsoft platforms like SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure, integrates with leading ERP/CRM products, and provides unparalleled mobile capabilities running on all devices, putting business processes in motion.

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James Luxford, Global Head of Products said, “Sequence Kinetics is built on PNMsoft’s unique HotChange® technology. Like the concept of HotSwap for controlled change of hardware components of high-end servers without any downtime, so is HotChange® for BPM Software. Nowadays organisations can’t wait for long running instances of business processes to finish and only then introduce changes, as new instances will be initiated by then in an endless cycle, so there is never an opportunity to shut down the system for making changes without causing major disruption to the business. Sequence Kinetics provides the solution. Its HotChange® technology permeates all levels of our platform providing organisations which have high frequency of change with the ability to modify, integrate and distribute their business process applications without having to halt these processes as they continue to run in production, yet maintain full governance and control of the change deployment.”

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Sequence Kinetics™’s major new features include:

  • Mobile BPMMobility: Write once – run everywhere Mobile BPM portal for tablets and smartphones.
  • Social:  Process Wall promoting team collaboration on processes.
  • Microsoft Integration: enhanced, wizard-based integration with Microsoft products such as Dynamics, CRM, Azure and SharePoint.
  • UX Studio: web-based form designer for rich, multi-device user experience.
  • Tools for .NET Developers and Microsoft Professionals: 100% .NET environment, extensive API, leveraging existing Microsoft skills into BPM expertise.
  • Superior Version Control on all levels.
  • App Studio: Collaboration between technical and commercial teams building and changing process applications.
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Cloud/On Premise: flexible high performing in-memory architecture.

Paul Sheridan, PNMsoft VP of Sales and Marketing said, ”Recognition by the leading analysts and the excellent feedback from our pre-release highlights the requirement for frequent yet controlled changes in business processes to meet today’s dynamic market conditions, and the ability of Sequence Kinetics powered by HotChange™ technology to deliver.”

PNMsoft is a multinational company headquartered in the UK. We provide Intelligent BPM (Business Process Management) software solutions which enable our customers to achieve process mobility, optimisation and change control. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV and are recognised as an iBPMS by the world’s leading analysts. Let’s put your Business Processes in Motion™.

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For more information:  Paul Sheridan , + 44 (0)192 381 3420