PNMsoft’s expert teams build successful BPM solutions for your company. Fast. Your organization is comprised of much more than just technology. You require a process automation strategy which takes into account people, systems and processes, and provides not just a software, but a methodology that leads to business process improvement. That’s why PNMsoft is not just an industry leader for its intelligent BPM software (take a tour). When you work with PNMsoft, you gain a team of BPM experts with a unique methodology for business process improvement.

Methodology for BPM Success

Our team of experienced BPM experts builds your project using our proprietary agile development approach: Evolutionary BPM™. 

Process Automation Methodology

This approach involves process design and implementation that is carried out in rapid iterative steps. Our unique HotChange® technology enables our team to achieve such rapid development. HotChange® means that your business process applications can be quickly modified while in production – which means maximum flexibility to handle real life changes.

Each step along the way, our team provides your business with value and results, and the solution is constantly improving over time, according to changing business conditions and needs. The path to success is clear and attainable.

Proven Track Record

With 16+ years experience in the BPM industry, our methodology has been a recipe for success for companies worldwide. Explore our Case Studies on customers such as Atkins, Aon, Atos, AutoNation and Hazera Genetics.

Process Improvement Tools

Here’s a quick peak into our process improvement tools and methodologies:


Business Process Management

HotChange® is a concept and a technology which signifies the ability to rapidly adapt business process applications as they continue to run in production. HotChange® encompasses all Cora SeQuence features including, process change management, user experience, devices, integration and more. Learn More.

Evolutionary BPM™

Evolutionary BPM™ is an agile methodology of process development, which focuses on steps of iterative design and deployment. See our webinar with PNMsoft Partner Bruce Hardy on this methodology.
Learn More.

Business Process ImprovementIntelligent BPM Architecture

Cora SeQuence is an iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite), on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for iBPMS. When we take on a BPM project, we work with you to improve your existing business and IT architecture to effect a major step change within your organization. Enterprise Architects who work with us can testify that BPM transforms their architecture. Learn More.

Process Integration

PNMsoft has the top integration tools in the industry, for connecting BPM to CRM, SharePoint, ERP systems and more. PNMsoft also provides tools for business process reengineering, business process analysis and migration from legacy systems. Learn More.

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