Is a pile of paperwork negatively impacting your customer turn-around-time? Your customers deserve better, and so do you. Cora SeQuence Customer Service Solution automates the handling of customer requests, enabling you to automize drudgery and focus on providing top-quality service. With SeQuence™, your customer is always in good hands.

Cora SeQuence Customer Service Solution

Cora SeQuence is a collaborative BPM software solution which automates and digitises business processes for many of the world’s largest enterprises. Cora SeQuence’s proven customer service solution has transformed customer service for organisations with enormous customer service challenges. Cora SeQuence Customer Service Solution:

  • Scans customer inputs from a variety of channels (letters, emails, web forms, smart phones).
  • Identifies key information and routes customer requests to the correct party according to business logic.
  • Ensures that customer requests are handled promptly and in accordance with correct governance.
  • Provides visibility to management with rich monitoring tools.
  • Enables customers to track their requests online.
  • Seamlessly integrates with ERP, CRM, and Case Management systems.

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The Challenge

As your enterprise attempts to provide service to a growing number of customers, the following issues become increasingly complex:

  • Support for multi-channel communication with customers.
  • Time consuming and labour intensive processing of correspondence.
  • Too much paperwork!
  • Poor integration of cases and systems.
  • Lack of monitoring and visibility (bottlenecks, workloads and SLA breaches).
  • Record keeping and tracking requirements for regulatory compliance.

Cora SeQuence Ticketing Solution

Cora SeQuence Ticketing Solution (PSTS) is a software solution built on an industry leading Business Process Management platform. It enables organizations to manage, track and resolve support tickets within a unified interface using Case Management methodology. PSTS is ideal for organizations that handle thousands of Service/Case/Support tickets per day and need to coordinate the work of Service and Delivery personnel. It enables compliance with SLAs, escalations, and exception handling. PSTS is a powerful, flexible solution which goes beyond standard helpdesk functionality and includes a range of intelligent features and capabilities for rapid customization and change, including:

  • Ticketing Workflows and Procedures
  • Case Management
  • Intelligent Decisions
  • Easy Integration
  • Monitoring and Reports


Case Studies

Financial Services Company

PNMsoft has successfully delivered a SeQuence solution for a leading financial services provider to enable it to process customer requests for policy changes, checks and letters received by post. After scanning, a customer’s letter is saved as an electronic document which automatically triggers the right workflow route for handling based on business rules. The process can be monitored with a dashboard. In the event of a delay, an automated alert is generated. The customer can be notified at every step of the process.

Utility Company

PNMsoft has successfully delivered a SeQuence solution for a major utility company which handles thousands of commercial requests to tender for the supply of gas. SeQuence has automated this process to ensure that the company meets the response time and requirements for tendering. SeQuence implements automatic queuing and routing of requests to the front desk and sales team and a structured set of action items to ensure that each response to an RFT moves efficiently through review and approval stages.


PNMsoft Customer Service and Ticketing Solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Optimize staff utilization and free up front line workers.
  • Reduce management supervision of workers with the aid of gauges and reports.
  • Drive quality and optimization through process automation.
  • Encourage writing more business as customer satisfaction increases.
  • Ensure absolute compliance with regulatory requirements.