Simple and effective control is vital in Defence and Civil Response. Cora SeQuence is a business process management suite that controls and automates certain key operations, allowing you to focus on real-time decision-making. SeQuence sets up a clear chain of command, ensures that assignments are completed as planned, and keeps mission data in clear view.

Situation Room Management

SeQuence Situation Room solution manages operational control in multiple locations, each with its own responsibility and role in the command hierarchy. SeQuence automates and controls the following elements:

  • Mission initiation
  • Task assignment to the correct teams and individuals
  • Monitoring of task performance
  • Flagging events which may jeopardize the operation


  • Save precious time on assigning tasks
  • Control tasks and keep task progress in clear view
  • Operate according to correct procedure
  • Enable rapid, decisive response to emergencies

Security Clearance

Access to intelligence information is a key part of any Defence operation.  Each team member must be granted the correct level of security clearance,  and unnecessary leaks must be prevented. SeQuence Security Clearance solution automates and controls the following elements:

  • Defining clearance needs for each operation
  • Requesting clearance for operation members
  • Approval of clearance by the senior commander
  • Automated access to system information after approval
  • Monitoring of clearance status across the system


  • Limit the number of members with access to sensitive information
  • Ensure each member has access to the necessary information
  • Ensure correct operating procedure
  • Prevent and manage information leaks

Logistics Applications

SeQuence’s powerful automated forms and task-driven processes are ideal for managing logistics operations. The SeQuence Logistics solution includes the following applications:

  • Equipment Damage Assessment: a process which determines the cause of damage and enables decisions on whether to fix, disassemble or destroy the damaged equipment.
  • Airfreight Request: a process which enables a request to be made via an electronic form to ship equipment by air. The request is then approved, declined, or redirected to an alternate form of transport.


  • Automate processes which were based on manual, printed forms
  • Ensure correct operating procedure
  • Reduce costs on equipment damage
  • Improve monitoring of equipment status and delivery

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