Cora SeQuence™ HR is a business process management suite that combines and automizes your existing HR, ERP and CRM systems, helping efficiently drive your company’s HR tasks to completion.

The Challenge

As your company or contracts grow, HR management becomes increasingly complex:

  • Starting employees sit for days without equipment, training, or even a manager.
  • Leaving employees neglect to return their equipment and continue to hold sensitive system access.
  • Timesheet data is difficult to enter, harder to review, and not based on underlying business rules.
  • HR systems are managed exclusively by the HR team, and are inaccessible to the rest of the company.

The Solution

SeQuence HR™, which automates and controls your HR processes:

SeQuence is a software solution which automates business processes. SeQuence leverages your existing HR system, drives business process logic forward, and provides organisation-wide access to HR processes from your company portal. SeQuence facilitates review and collaboration on HR data, and compliance with HR rules and legislation.

SeQuence includes pre-built HR process templates, which can be customised to fit your business needs. Some of the processes that SeQuence handles include:

UK Pension Auto-enrolment

Starting October 2012 and as part of the new UK Pension Law, UK companies are required to enrol their employees on a pension scheme. SeQuence provides a quick, simple and cost effective way to comply with auto-enrolment regulations. Our solution includes a simple forms-based process, guiding the employee through auto-enrolment. The process includes all the necessary validation fields and options to complete the enrolment, ensuring that both the employee and employer are compliant with the new law. Click here to learn more.


Our comprehensive timesheet solution enables employees to report their weekly hours according to project, and managers to review and approve employee timesheet reports and  load timesheet data into the financial database.


When an employee changes location or position within a company, SeQuence updates his permissions, system access and access to facilities accordingly. This ensures a fluid transition and saves costs on downtime and productivity gaps.

Performance Review

SeQuence ensures that managers are reminded to perform quarterly and annual performance reviews, and sends them the appropriate review forms. Once the review is complete, SeQuence securely files the review into the HR database.

Holiday Request

Employees can enter their holiday requests using SeQuence directly from the company portal.  SeQuence increases visibility of team holiday schedules to managers, enabling them to make informed decisions on approving requests.

Holiday Carry-over

SeQuence enables buying, selling and carrying over holiday time to subsequent years. This simplifies holiday management for the HR department and ensures that HR rules and governance are maintained.

Expense Management

Employees enter their monthly expenses details into SeQuence via the company portal. SeQuence matches each expense with the attached receipt and sends the report for approval. Managers can monitor department-wide expenses status in order to make informed decisions about expense approval.


  • Save time and costs by enabling starters productivity from Day 1.
  • Save costs on unreturned equipment and continued salaries of leavers.
  • Ensure correct governance and compliance with legislation.
  • Enable managers to make decisions in real time related to resources.
  • Expose HR processes to the entire company.

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