Outsourcing can lead to poor communication, SLA breaches and dissatisfaction. Cora SeQuence provides both outsourcers and clients with effective tools to manage their business interaction and ensure that the relationship is a success.

SeQuence is a business process management software which enables outsourcing businesses to:

  • Automate processes to ensure staff work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Complete client requests in a timely and visible manner.
  • Expose the status of requests to clients.
  • Provide management with tools for monitoring, reporting and optimisation.
  • Ensure compliance with SLAs via a business rule engine.

SeQuence integrates with existing IT systems; form data is efficiently organised around a task and can be presented to a participant for action via Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, or mobile devices.

SeQuence provides outsourcers and clients powerful change management and project management capabilities.

SeQuence underpins a Service Management framework with technology that interacts continually between the client and the outsourcer to create a successful business relationship.

Case Study: Atos Origin

Atos Origin, a leading international IT services provider, has implemented a SeQuence BPM solution for its Request for Change process. The following case study of this solution was presented by Atos Origin’s Elly Bhatia at the 2011 Gartner BPM Summit.

The presentation covers the following key issues: stakeholder engagement, identification of business pains, process maturity, and dealing with resistance to change.


  • Reduced costs on completing client requests.
  • Faster turn-around-time.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Less need for direct managerial supervision.
  • Prevention of SLA breaches.


We offer full support for SeQuence BPM software solution projects including envisioning, requirements analysis, design, development and deployment.

We offer a range of deployment options for SeQuence: on-premises, managed on-premises, hosted, and SaaS. Our BPM software cloud options include SeQuence over a VPN.

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