BPM that Connects People, Systems and Devices

Cora SeQuence BPM Software connects people, systems and devices with intelligent workflows that achieve business goals. The following diagram illustrates how SeQuence integrates with your existing systems:

SeQuence Kinetics Architecture

SOA Architecture

SeQuence has a multi-tiered, service oriented architecture. This approach facilitates system integration and extensibility. SeQuence’s Service and Business Layers collectively form the SeQuence Process Engine, a set of self-describing, loosely coupled services.  Data is saved in MS SQL relational tables, and is easily readable for reports and for integration with BI systems. The SeQuence API is available to support customised integration requirements.

BPM Architecture

SeQuence Modules

SeQuence Architecture

App Studio

SeQuence’s App StudioTM enables process modelers and developers to quickly build and collaborate on process templates in a workflow canvas. Its features include:

  • Codeless workflow implementation in a 100% web environment.
  • Workflow integrity validation prior to execution.
  • Source Control mechanism for multiple developers.
  • Extensible design supporting custom activity creation.
  • Rich modelling functionality.

UX Studio

SeQuence’s UX StudioTM includes a .NET markup editor in a 100% web development environment, enabling developers to rapidly create forms which revolutionize the end-user experience.  UX Studio features include:

  • Fully .NET editor with Ajax support, client and server side code.
  • A model-first mode which enables you to create forms in a few clicks.
  • Creation of a variety of form views (mobile, read-only, etc.)
  • Auto-generated views from a data model, reducing time-to-solution.
  • A rich set of controls and pre-built components.


FlowtimeTM, SeQuence’s user interface for process operation, provides a rich set of SharePoint web parts that can be configured to meet your user and organisation’s needs, and can be easily integrated into any .NET application. This flexibility enables you to rapidly create a portal which is tailor-made for your requirements. Flowtime facilities Human-centric process interaction, with the ability to manage tasks, dynamic messages, work queues, delegations and collaboration using social features.

System Integration

SeQuence is tightly integrated with MS products including Office, SharePoint, BizTalk Server, Project Server and Dynamics. SeQuence can also be integrated with a wide range of external systems through industry-standard protocols, such as Web Services and WCF. SeQuence wizards enable connection to commonly used enterprise applications from vendors such as SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards. Integration Listener activities can automatically initiate and resume SeQuence processes.

Security and Administration

Security is implemented on all levels of the system and is a top priority. SeQuence has passed rigorous penetration tests ensuring that user and organisational data is kept safe. SeQuence Administration enables full synchronisation with Active Directory and advanced Permissions management.

Intelligent Analytics

For high visibility and real time control, SeQuence enables process owners and managers to create KPI-related dashboards.  Gauges and charts can be easily displayed with SharePoint web parts based on stored procedures and statistical measures. The expression engine enables dynamic process execution based on in-line captured process data.

Versioning and Change Management

SeQuence AdministrationTM includes advanced versioning and deployment management for processes, enabling processes to be run on multiple versions in production. SeQuence workflow software enables unique hot swap of process versions between development and production, and developers can perform hot fixes on processes that are running in production, providing ultimate control and agility.

Mobile Capabilities

SeQuence’s Process TO GO MobileTM module enables users to operate processes from all smartphone devices and tablet devices. Process TO GO is secured by encryption and includes:

  • A mobile runtime interface where users can view their tasks, initiate processes, complete and submit forms.
  • SeQuence’s One Click Action: a feature which enables users to complete tasks by one click from their mobile devices or PCs.
  • Mobile MI: A service which exposes the SeQuence MI, including visual dashboards and reports, to all mobile devices.

Scalability and Deployment

SeQuence is an enterprise-level platform which can support organisations with 100,000+ users. SeQuence can be implemented in single server and NLB cluster topologies. Deployment options for SeQuence include on-premises, managed on-premises, hosted, SaaS, and Cloud. SeQuence CloudWorksTM is hosted on Azure and supports multi-tenancy.

Documentation, Community and Support

SeQuence developers and users can access a rich library of information and training videos on how to use the product on PNMsoft’s Knowledge Centre. SeQuence includes context-sensitive Help pages for each of its wizards, and developers can exchange tips and information on the SeQuence Community Forum. PNMsoft’s Support team is actively involved in this forum and provides stellar product support on every issue.

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