Customer On-boarding is a critical stage which must be handled with care. When a new customer arrives, your company must ensure that it is integrated properly and receives the service it needs. Dynamics CRM is excellent solution for managing customer data, including Contacts and Account information, assigning ownership and recording all activities and communication.

But what mechanism will ensure that each department takes the right actions when a new customer comes on board? PNMsoft SCE is the ideal tool to design and manage automated workflows, which ensure that each member of your organization performs the right task at the correct time.

What is PNMsoft SCE?

PNMsoft SCE is a unique Dynamics CRM-based software, which enables your organization to manage CRM-related activities more efficiently with intelligent workflows. Using PNMsoft SCE, you can tell when a new customer comes on board, and it ensures that each department in your organisation takes the necessary actions.

  • IT: sets up customer accounts
  • Finance: makes sure to bill the customer
  • Customer Service: gives the customer the training and service it needs
  • Account Managers: are notified of each stage

Customer On-Boarding Workflow

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