Do You Have Support Workflows in Place?

Customer Support WorkflowWhen a new support case is created in Dynamics CRM, do you have a mechanism in place which ensures that the proper support team member receives the case, handles it according to defined steps, possibly escalates it, and completes it accurately in an optimal manner?

Likely, you require a rigorous step-by-step workflow of activities and tasks, which notifies and ensures completion of action items on time. You may want to include the customer in the process, enabling him to view the status of his case, and see where exactly along the process it stands currently. PNMsoft SCE can accomplish these tasks.

A Customer Success Story

South West Water, a leading UK water provider, has implemented a new Customer Management system to more effectively and efficiently manage In-bound and Out-bound multi-channel customer contacts. South West Water chose PNMsof SCE to intelligently allocate tasks to agents within its Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as an integral part of this solution. Read Case Study

What is PNMsoft SCE?

PNMsoft SCE is a unique Dynamics CRM-based software, which enables your organization to manage CRM-related activities more efficiently with intelligent workflows. Using PNMsoft SCE, you can rapidly design workflows on a visual canvas which ensure support tickets are handled optimally. Complete the form below, to get a demo of PNMsoft SCE.

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