Often you need to expose web forms on external sites, such as your customer service portal or company website. When a customer or potential client fills out such a form, you’d like a record to be created automatically in your CRM according to a set of rules. You’d also like to trigger a workflow which ensures that the potential or existing customer’s request is handled correctly.

PNMsoft SCE is a unique Dynamics CRM-based software, which enables your organization to manage CRM-related activities more efficiently with intelligent workflows. It enables you to create web forms that can be embedded on external sites and trigger the creation of CRM records, kicking off smart workflows which handle requests in the optimal manner. PNMsoft SCE goes beyond other web form-to-CRM products, since it enables you to build advanced workflows and control a set of business rules which ensure that the precise activities you require are completed each time a user fills out a form.

Web to CRM Automate

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