A national Highways Agency is a government organization responsible for roads infrastructure. The Agency is responsible for the planning, development and maintenance of the national roads and motorways network. Construction of a new road or interchange is a long term project consisting of sub-tasks based on multiple processes.

To meet the challenges of such a complex project, PNMsoft implemented a Case Management solution. Project managers plan and execute major road projects using the Project (case) entity. Using their discretion and experience, a project manager can add various sub-entities to the main case including: road work, alternative routes, public announcements of road detours, and project stages. Each of these sub-entities includes a dashboard which enables the project manager to perform tasks and view data for the sub-entity. In addition, road workers and contractors can perform their work by accessing the system in the field on their mobile devices.

This solution has resulted in 25% reduction in time and money spent on road projects, 30% less annual commuter hours lost, and 20% less safety incidents.

Case Styles: Incident Management, Process-to-decision

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