Welcome to iBPMS in the Cloud

PNMsoft is a leading iBPMS (intelligent Business Process Management suite). PNMsoft Cloud is a secure, scalable and reliable way to enable digital transformation for organizations from mid-size to enterprise. There are many benefits to PNMsoft Cloud including security, availability, cost savings and scalability.


Web-based, Scalable Architecture

PNMsoft Cloud includes a 100% web-based interface and scalable architecture, which makes it an ideal environment to deploy as a service in the cloud. You’ll enjoy the same functionality as iBPMS on-premises deployments and discover a powerful way to accelerate your process improvement initiatives.

Reduce Infrastructure and Maintenance

PNMsoft Cloud cuts out the costs of on-premise management. We’ll take care of infrastructure, updates and maintenance, providing a smooth experience that allows you to start projects faster and grow. You can even go “hybrid” as we offer technology to integrate our cloud with on premise and also other cloud systems.

Security and Reliability

PNMsoft Cloud provides top level of reliability and security based on Microsoft Azure Services. Solutions built on PNMsoft Cloud are also 100% portable between on-premises and cloud deployment options.

PNMsoft Cloud is certified by SOC 2 (AICPA), an industry-standard audit which ensures the highest level of data security, reliability and customer confidentiality.

SOC 2 ensures that you can manage mission critical processes in the Cloud, knowing that your data and systems are security by the highest standards. Learn more


Collaborate from Anywhere

With PNMsoft Cloud, your users can be at work or anywhere else, and won’t be restricted by which device they’ve got on hand. Developers, managers and end-users can access the system from anywhere.
Users can interact around processes using social features such as Q&A, Live Chat, Process Wall, comments and one click approvals.


In short, with PNMsoft Cloud, you’ll be able to:

  • Start realizing benefits very fast.
  • Accelerate your process improvement initiatives.
  • Save costs and reduce maintenance.
  • Transform your business with security, scalability and reliability.
  • Support strategic initiatives around the mobile enterprise and social business collaboration.

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