A Technology for Rapid Business Process Change

Sequence BPM SoftwareSuccess depends on adapting business processes quickly according to changing conditions. Organisations with a high frequency of change must be able to modify, integrate and distribute business processes without halting these processes as they run in production. This led to the birth of PNMsoft’s HotChange®, a technology which enables rapid process changes in a controlled environment.

HotChange® powers PNMsoft Sequence iBPMS and includes the following features:

  • Sequence BPMAdvanced Version Control
  • HotSwap and HotFix functionality
  • Multiple User Experience platforms
  • Advanced, rapid integration with CRM/ERP
  • Mobile BPM portal
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Dynamic task routing
  • Social collaboration

Try our free BPM ROI Calculator to see how your company would benefit from HotChange® technology.

Read a CEUR-WS.org published paper on HotChange® Technology1


PNMsoft has completed SOC 2 (formerly SAS 70), an AICPA standard audit which ensures the highest level security, reliability and confidentiality (learn more). In accordance with SOC 2, PNMsoft ensures that change is governed and implemented in a secure manner, taking into account the client’s security, confidentiality and reliability requirements.

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1E. Stutz, J. Luxford: Changing In-Flight Business Processes Using PNMsoft’s HotChange® Technology. Proceedings of the BPM Demo Sessions 2014, Eindhoven, Netherlands, September 10, 2014, CEUR-WS.org

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