Cora SeQuenceTM. Integrate with Everything.

Cora SeQuence is a Business Process Management (BPM) suite. As the new kid on the block in your organization, Cora SeQuence can rapidly and easily integrate with your existing ERP, CRM, SharePoint, Email/File Systems and Databases. With its wizard-based connectors and flexible architecture, Cora SeQuence can integrate with most business systems and even IoT, to achieve dynamic workflows that interact with smart devices.

Cora SeQuenceTM BPM software includes especially strong integration with Microsoft products such as SharePoint and Dynamics. Cora SeQuence can be integrated with additional external systems through industry-standard protocols and it also enables connection to enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle and JD Edwards.

BPM Integration

Microsoft Integration

CRM and SharePointCora SeQuence is built on Microsoft .NET technology. It integrates with a range of Microsoft products, including:

  • SharePoint (2007/2010/2013/On Premise/Online)
  • Dynamics CRM (4.0/2011/2013/2015/On Premise/Online)
  • Dynamics AX/NAV/GP
  • Outlook
  • Azure
  • Office 365

As a Microsoft Gold ISV, PNMsoft leads the BPM market with top, out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft products and technologies.


PNMsoft SCE includes a full set of features for integration with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM. This product requires an additional license.
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Cora SeQuence Integration Activities:

BPM Integration ActivitiesCora SeQuence’s wizard-based GUI enables you to define the following step-by-step integration activities:

  • Web Service Consumer/Listener
  • SharePoint Listener
  • External Service Consumer/Listener
  • WCF Consumer
  • Email Listener
  • Custom Listener

Once communication is established, you can use request/response objects as part of your workflow in expressions and business rules.

SAP Integration

Cora SeQuence includes wizard-based integration with SAP. PNMsoft has successfully integrated BPM processes with SAP for several industry leaders. This product requires an additional license.

Java/Unix/Oracle Integration

Cora SeQuence now integrates with several non-Microsoft technologies as well, effectively providing a bridge between the .NET and Java world. These include:

  • Java
  • Unix
  • Oracle Database

Cora SeQuence includes out-of-the-box connectors with wizard-based integration with all of the above technologies. Java-based organizations can now feel comfortable choosing SeQuence as their primary BPM solution.

Additional Systems

Cora SeQuence integrates between the end-user interface and existing systems. It has a brilliant track record integrating with the following additional systems:

  •   JD Edwards ERP
  •   Salesforce
  •   PeopleSoft
  •   AS/400 Mainframes
  •   BizTalk
  •   Email Servers/File Servers
  •   IoT Devices

Benefits of Integration

  • Leverage ERP/CRM data for process automation and control.
  • Expose external system data to your entire organization on the company SharePoint portal.
  • Create processes which touch all areas of business operation.
  • Kick off processes with email and file listeners.
  • Rationalize and consolidate disparate systems.
  • Affordable licensing for enterprise-wide deployment.
  • Flexible and rapid development.

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