Business Process Management On-the-Go

In today’s age of a mobile workforce, how do you empower your organization to collaborate on BPM processes on-the-go? With PNMsoft ProcessTO GO , your users can operate business processes via mobile devices, improving turn-around-time and performance. Managers can monitor progress with mobile dashboards, and users can complete tasks with one click.

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The following white paper demonstrates how ProcessTO GO enables you to achieve Enterprise Process Mobility with:

  • Process Initiation
  • Process Status
  • Form Completion
  • Task Messages
  • One-Click Task Completion
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Filtering and Search

ProcessTO GO is based on HTML5 and is supported on all mobile devices and operating systems.

Note: ProcessTO GO requires an additional license.

Mobile BPMMobile WorkflowMobile BPM DashboardMobile BPM Tasks

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Enterprise Process MobilityTM is a trademark of PNMsoft.

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