Business Process Management On-the-Go

In today’s age of a mobile workforce, how do you empower your organization to collaborate on BPM processes on-the-go? With PNMsoft ProcessTO GO , your users can operate business processes via mobile devices, improving turn-around-time and performance. Managers can monitor progress with mobile dashboards, and users can complete tasks with one click.

Mobile BPM Screens2ProcessTO GO enables you to achieve Enterprise Process Mobility with:

  • Process Initiation
  • Process Status
  • Form Completion
  • Task Messages
  • One-Click Task Completion
  • Dashboards and Reports

ProcessTO GO is based on HTML5 and is supported on all mobile devices and operating systems. Watch a Video Demo of ProcessTO GO

When it comes to mobile, not all BPM vendors were created equal. In Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Mobile Applications (2014) it states, “Don’t assume that all BPM vendor claims about mobile BPM are equivalent”. Gartner mentions PNMsoft as one of five Mobile BPM vendors it studied for the report.

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