Cora SeQuence enables your organization to:


  • Design automated, human-centric workflows to replace manual procedures.
  • Run workflows in a central end-user interface.
  • Provide data visibility and establish management control over processes.
  • Continually optimize and improve processes.
  • Manage multiple versions of workflows in a constantly changing business environment.
  • Access processes via PC and all mobile devices.
  • Rapidly integrate workflows with Microsoft products.

Cora SeQuence is a web-based, enterprise-level workflow management system which both suits mid-sized businesses and can scale up for organizations with hundreds of thousands of employees. We offer a range of deployment options for Cora SeQuence: on-premises, managed on-premises, hosted, and SaaS. SeQuence users can complete tasks via PC or mobile device.

App Studio

Cora SeQuence’s App StudioTM workflow management software enables process modelers and developers (similar to low-code) to quickly build and collaborate on business process applications on a visual canvas. Its features include:

  • • Modeling and building on a single canvas.
  • • Codeless workflow creation, 100% web.
  • • Dual View for IT and Business collaboration.
  • • Source Control for multiple developers.
  • • Extensible design for custom activities.
  • • Rich modelling functionality.     …Try it now!


Flowtime Process Page Form small nice

UX Studio

Cora SeQuence’s UX StudioTM includes a form editor in a 100% web development environment, enabling power users and developers to rapidly create forms which revolutionize the end-user experience. UX Studio features include:

  • • Form creation in a few clicks.
  • • A rich toolbox for adding form fields.
  • • A variety of form views (mobile, read-only, etc.).
  • • .NET editor with Ajax, client/server side code.
  • • Auto-generated views from a data model.
  • • A set of pre-built templates and components.

Rapid Workflow Design

Dynamic Process Operation

Cora SeQuence processes can be initiated, run, managed and monitored from in a user friendly portal. The workflow management software allows employees to initiate processes from their home page with a single click, implement tasks and respond dynamically to changes. Note: The end user portal can be SharePoint or any web application.

Cora SeQuence users complete process forms and tasks, and managers monitor team performance. Cora SeQuence forms can also be easily integrated into external web applications.



Smart Analytics

When handling business processes, effective monitoring is at the heart of any effective workflow management system. Cora SeQuence provides management with tools to ensure that operational processes are efficient and effective.

For high visibility and real-time analytics, SeQuence includes Smart Analytics which enable process owners and managers to create dashboards relating to KPI. Corrective actions can be focused efficiently.

Cora SeQuence workflow management software integrates with MS SQL Server Reporting Services, enabling managers to analyze performance and determine trends for KPIs and SLAs.


Managing Processes in SharePoint

Intelligent Solutions for CRM and ERP

How can you ensure that CRM and ERP data and user activities drive mission-critical workflows?
Cora SeQuence integrates with CRM and ERP systems, enabling your organization to manage CRM & ERP-related activities more efficiently using automated workflows.


CRM-ERP features include:

  • • Out-of-the box integration activities
  • • Intuitive Workflow Design
  • • Integration with external systems
  • • Task Management and Queuing
  • • Process Optimizing Analytics
  • • Dynamic Process Change
  • • Social Collaboration
  • • Mobile Process Management

Optimize and supercharge your CRM and ERP operations today with Intelligent SeQuence workflows

CRM Activities 2013

PNMsoft SCE for Dynamics CRM


Mobile Operation

Today’s businesses are increasingly managed offsite, with employees completing their tasks by remote. ProcessTO GO is a Mobile Portal which enables users on-the-go to connect to, initiate and complete their business processes.

Social Collaboration

Teams today are more socially connected than ever. Cora SeQuence is a workflow management system that includes Social Collaboration features that enable team members to communicate and share information about processes at all times. These include a Process Wall, Questions & Answers and Comments.

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Integrate with Everything.

As the new kid on the block in your organization, Cora SeQuence workflow software can rapidly and easily integrate with your existing ERP, CRM, Email/File Systems, Mainframes, and Oracle DB. With its wizard-based connectors and flexible architecture, Cora SeQuence can even integrate with IoT, enabling smart devices to interact with BPM applications. Cora SeQuence has especially strong, out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft products such as SharePoint and Dynamics.

Cora SeQuence’s workflow management system can be integrated with external systems through industry-standard protocols and it enables connection to common enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle and Dynamics (CRM/ERP).


CRM and SharePoint App Studio

Integration Activities

Cora SeQuence’s wizard-based GUI enables you to define the following integration activities:

  • • Web Service Consumer/Listeners
  • • SharePoint Activities
  • • Dynamics CRM Activities
  • • SAP Integration Activities
  • • External Service Consumer/Listeners
  • • WCF Consumers
  • • Email Listeners, Custom Listeners

Once communication is established, you can use request/response objects as part of your workflow in expressions and business rules.

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HotChange® Technology
SeQuence Workflow Software

HotChange® is a concept and technology which powers all levels of Cora SeQuence as a product. HotChange® means that our workflow management software provides organizations who have high frequency of change with the ability to modify, integrate and distribute their business processes in the fastest possible manner, without having to halt them as they continue to run in production.

HotChange® enables IT and Business users to achieve:

  • • Dynamic Process Change
  • • Absolute Version Control
  • • Multiple Form Platforms in one click
  • • Advanced, rapid integration with CRM/ERP
  • • Mobile process operation
  • • Rapid Cloud Deployment

HotChange 500px

SOC 2 Security

PNMsoft has completed SOC 2 (formerly SAS 70), an AICPA standard audit which ensures the highest level security, reliability and confidentiality. In accordance with SOC 2, PNMsoft ensures that change is governed and implemented in a secure manner, taking into account the client’s security, confidentiality and reliability requirements.

Intelligent Technology. Intelligent Solutions.

Cora SeQuence workflow management software includes a host of additional intelligent features and solutions that have solved problems for companies in nearly every major industry.

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