Experience designing a SeQuence workflow application step-by-step:

This example workflow software application enables an employee to request approval for a list of expenses from his/her manager.

1. Create Workflow

Create Workflow2. Name Workflow

Name Workflow

3. Open Workflow Canvas

Workflow Canvas

4. Add Request Form

Add Form

5. Select Form Template

Select Form Format

6. Add Form Fields

Date Picker7. Add Expenses Grid


8. Add ConditionIf Else

9. Add Approval Task

Manager Approval

10. Add NotificationMessage

11. Define Message

Define Message

12. Add Comments & Swimlanes

11 AddSwimlanes

13. Add Integration Activities


14. Workflow is Complete!

12WorkflowComplete15. Run Workflow

RunWorkflow4116. Add Intelligence…

Design WorkflowNow that you’ve designed a workflow, you can add features and create an intelligent BPM application:

…and more.


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