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Work is getting less structured. Workers are becoming more empowered to make decisions themselves. And managers are finding it harder to maintain control and visibility over their work. This is the problem that Nikos Drakos, Gartner analyst, has identified in his latest paper – Effortless Visibility Is Key to Managing Empowered Workers Without Losing Control – Gartner Nov. 16, 2015.

Drakos recommends that businesses find better tools for managing empowered workers – without incurring a lot of managerial overhead or stifling their creativity. He believes that ‘blended’ tools, which enable real time tracking of collaborative work, are the best bet for achieving this goal. Finally, he suggests that while such tools are only beginning to emerge, certain clusters of technology, such as iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management suites) are evolving in this direction. He mentions PNMsoft as an example.

So how exactly can an iBPMS enable effortless visibility of collaborative work? With a strong process-orientation and naturally collaborative work environment, iBPMSs have many of the building blocks necessary to achieve this. Here are a few ways that our iBPMS, SeQuence, is already achieving it for many of our customers:

The Process Wall

Flowtime is SeQuence’s end user interface. It’s a central hub of activity, where users kick off processes, action tasks and generally get work done quickly and efficiently. What’s great about Flowtime is that it’s extremely easy for managers to see exactly who has done exactly what to exactly which process. How? The Process Wall. The Process Wall is a real time audit of all process-related activity, which managers can see whenever they please.


Users can access Flowtime on PC or mobile, giving managers instant visibility from anywhere.

HotProcess Management

SeQuence excels at management of high volume, frequently changing processes which are of critical impact to an organization’s success. SeQuence provides managers with a HotOperations dashboard which gives them both a clear view of HotProcess performance and resources, and the ability to adjust those resources in order to achieve optimal performance, reduce cost of transaction and increase profit. HotProcesses can link up to IoT and be integrated with a variety of systems and devices (Hot Integration).

To find out more, get our HotProcesses White Paper.

My Group’s Work, Delegation

Flowtime enables managers to view their own group’s work queue and messages. It also lets them delegate work from one team member to another, and view each member’s task inbox. This kind of ad hoc flexibility, means that teams can balance work better, and management can control productivity, without constraining workers.


Case Management

But what about unstructured work? Many of our customers are using SeQuence as a Case Management solution. Here, knowledge workers can use their judgement and discretion to handle Cases – entities whose management varies from case to case. Here too, all case work is completely audited and trackable by management in Flowtime. So empowered case workers can use their creativity and judgement to handle each case differently, but management has oversight over their work. Find out more about SeQuence Case Management here.

Social BPM

What about collaboration? Flowtime does not lack it. End users can communicate with each other in an ad hoc manner about processes using social features such as Questions, Answers and Comments. Social Feeds are visible to process participants, managers included.


Dual View Harmony

Collaboration and oversight doesn’t end with the end user. SeQuence’s process design environment, the App Studio, has a new feature (released last month) that enables Business users and IT developers to model and design BPM applications together on the same canvas. This is achieved by layering the model – the top the layer is the model itself – but drill down into each step, and you can actually build its functionality right within that model. Dual View goes a long way toward bringing harmony to IT and Business teams and transforms collaboration. It also enables management to get a bird’s eye view into what’s being built in real time – precisely the type of visibility Drakos is talking about.

Business View

Intelligent Analytics

Managers like to see dashboards, gauges, charts. Pictorial visuals (colorful if possible), help them quickly assess the state of a system, its performance, and often – where things are going wrong. SeQuence includes a popular module for rapid creation of dashboard analytics, which can be viewed by users and managers in Flowtime. Whereas some systems require days or weeks of development, SeQuence Analytics can be built in minutes. With analytics in place, managers can assess how much work is being done, how fast it’s being completed, who is excelling and who is falling behind – all in real time.

SCM Analytics

These are just some of the tools that SeQuence iBPMS provides for real time visibility and collaboration. It empowers both end users and designers to work together toward business goals, using their judgement and creativity, while giving management a clear window into how that work is progressing.

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